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Nanty Glo High School Class of 1954
Sixth grade at Wagner School
in 1948

As the graduating classes of the former Nanty Glo High School came from three elementary schools,
only a portion of them are seen in this October 20, 1948, photo taken on the steps of the Wagner
School, which then served the south side of the borough, on Davis Street. This photo of the Wagner School
sixth grade was submitted by Jerry Jacobsky. If you have additional photos or if you can add information
for this one, please write

Front row, left to right: Dorisjean Forcellini, Eleanor Lindrose, Nellie Kelly, Helen Kankula, Richard Hakanen,
Richard Leonard, Donna Gamber, Donna Lindrose,Theresa Krupa, Esther Horn. Back row: Homer Heitzenrater,
James Fresh, Teacher Mrs. Carlisle, Patrick Gates, Doug Kennyberg, Joseph Fletcher, Jerry Jacobsky,
Robert Hagan, Dave Johnson. (Thanks to Helen Kankula Dugan for supplying some names Jerry had forgotten.)

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