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Remembers 'Charlie,' not 'Charles,' Metro

Letter No. 172 | April 8, 2000

I would like to correct the informant who wrote in about CHARLES Metro as, to my knowledge, there never was a “Charles” Metro. From my earliest memories of Nanty Glo, he was always CHARLIE, my childhood idol.

He was Charlie the night my Dad (with his Dad) drove him to Johnstown for his professional baseball tryout with the Johnnies. He did not return with us that night, as they sighned him to a professional contract on the spot after he hit several shots into the screen in left field during batting practice.

He remained Charlie during his years with the Detroit Tigers, and he was still Charlie when he became manager of the Kansas City Royals some years later. My autographed baseball, dated 4/30/82, at the Old Cleveland Stadium, when he was coaching for the Oakland A's for Billy Martin, is signed “Charlie Metro.” As I recall, he retired that year. At least, he told me at that time that was his intention.

I am sure there are many others in town who remember Charlie as well (or better) than I, who will confirm the foregoing. I conclude this letter with the following: On his tombstone he may be listed as “Charles,” but in life he was always CHARLIE, a wonderful, unasssuming, friendly, talented human being.

P.S.: I am not sure whether Charlie is still living or not. If any one knows, do let me know. As I said, he was my childhood idol and my adulthood pride. He never changed from his youthful exhuberance to his adult celebrity and stardom.

LeRoy (Lee) McCandless
(Nanty Glo 1934-35 & 36)

Webmaster's note, Frank Charney, a frequent contributor to these discussions, reports that Charlie (we stand corrected) is retired and living in Colorado. Thanks, Lee, for a great addition to the available information. —jon

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