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Another Valley sports hero, Charles Metro, recalled


Frank Charney wrote an interesting article on The Detroit Tigers. It reminded me of a Nanty Glo boy who was connected to the Tigers—Charles Moresconich (not sure of the spelling). He shortened his last name to Metro. While with the Tigers he invented the batting tee.

If I had the email address of Jim Dunwiddie I could give some information on the Dunwiddie family.

George Dilling

Webmaster's note: When I was editor of the Journal, probably 1963, I was invited to cover a tribute given to Charles Metro at a Pirates-Chicago Cubs game at Forbes Field. He was, I believe, then a coach or management man at the Cubs, being honored for his baseball career. The Pirates organization invited the Journal to cover it for Metro's hometown, and I did, with photographer-intern Stuart Wertz assisting. It was the only professional sports event I've ever attended, but that's another story. Thanks reminding me of Charles Metro and bringing him to readers of the Home Page.

As for Jim Dunwiddie's email address, it's embedded in his signature on his letter (usually when text is in a color other than the rest of the body, it means it's a link). Just click on it and your computer should generate a letter blank addressed to him, ready for you to fill out! I'm doing this here, publicly, as others probably have missed this procedure. —Jon

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