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Looking for info on mine founder
Dr. James Dunwiddie

Letter No. 158 | February 13, 2000

Hello! I'm trying to locate information on Dr. James Willis Dunwiddie, founder of Nanty Glo Mine in in the 1880's. Although my family was from Nanty Glo, I wasn't aware of the “influence” the family had on the town. I have fondest memories of the town, based on our biweekly visits from 1955 to 1975 from Cleveland. My father was James H. Dunwiiddie, son of John & Agnes. He went by “Derb” and/or “Little Derb.” Believe he was class president of Nanty Glo High School about 1948. He married Donna Lee Murray, also of Nanty Glo, in 1954. Mom's parents were William and Evelyn (who later had an antique shop in Mundys Corner). My great uncle Ballard Murray operated a gas station (I think Sinclair) around the corner from a car dealership. Going back to my great grandfather, I have had very little luck in my research, except a 1954 newspaper article. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Dunwiddie

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